Envirowrap - Protecting Today's Environment

Original EnviroWrap Shrink-Wrap Technology & Development From:

EnviroWrap Solutions Limited

Operational Locations:  UK - Belgium

Product Certifications:  BS EN 13501-1:2007 [B-s1, d0]

Company Certifications:


Quality - Safety - Experience - Reliability
The Ultimate Environmental Containment System

Including Acoustic Protection & Non-Hotworks Habitats

For All On-Shore and Off-Shore Environments.

EnviroWrap Solutions Limited is passionate about its products and proud of its past and inovative design of heat retractable and non-hazadous sheeting systems.

Whilst the name EnviroWrap has only been around since year 1997, the name uniquely describes the products produced by EnviroWrap Solutions Limited, they protect the Environment and Wrap the structure to which they are applied, thus ensuring that contaminants are kept within the encapsulation.

In the UK, EnviroWrap Solutions Limited specialises exclusively on encapsulation and containment and has teams of seasoned, skilled operatives throughout the UK.

The EnviroWrap companies have been in existence since 1989 and now operates under the name of  Envirowrap Solutions Limited.

EnviroWrap Solutions Limited is the sole producer of EnviroWrap® certified flame proof sheeting. The products have been extensively tested in the UK, Germany, France and Belgium and are the subject of continuous independent third party surveillance ensuring full compliance with EN 13501-1:2007 [B-s1,d0].

EnviroWrap is a totally independant and privately owned, supplying and installing Environment Encapsulation throughout the UK and Mainland Europe.

EnviroWrap® Is The Ultimate Concept In Fire Proof Sheeting Systems.

For total encapsulation and environmental protection, EnviroWrap out performs all other forms of traditional sheeting.

EnviroWrap Sheeting & Encapsulation Solutions are the only way forward for the progressive contractor.